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Philips GoLite Blu HF3330

Philips GoLite Blu HF3330 Blue Wave Light therapy
The Philips goLITE BLU HF3330 is a portable and rechargeable SAD Light Box for quick and natural relief with winter blues, low energy, sleep problems and the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as Winter Depression as well as jetlag.

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or have issues with your sleep cycle there are quite a few light therapy boxes that can help. But none are as small, durable and effective as the Philips goLITE BLU. So before you rush off to check other cheaper or larger light therapy boxes, make sure you have read the key benefits below.

Why the Philips GoLITE Blu HF3330 is better than anything else on the market

Small, portable and rechargeable SAD Light that you can use anywhere you like
The major advantages of the Philips goLITE BLU over any other model currently on the market are its extremely small, compact design and much more efficient and durable lighting system. The goLITE BlU doesn’t take up a lot of space at all, is very easy to pack and take with you during travel and it uses remarkeble little electricity. It only weighs about 12 ounces/340 grams which is significantly less than the huge light therapy boxes that most other brand sell. Because it’s rechargeable you can use it anywhere you like whether its at home, in the office or abroad. In fact the goLITE Blu has proven so durable and portable, that even race drivers and pit crews now use it to combat jet lag.

More durable than any other light on the market
Most important however is that the technology is based on state of the art blue wave LEDs that have a much much longer durability than any fluorescent lighting system. When used for an average of 30 minutes a day, these LEDS will last 50 years!

Quicker results
The GoLITE Blue will give you results in as little as 15-45 minutes a day due to its special Blue Wave LED Technology that boosts the light spectrum in its most effective ranges for combatting seasonal affective disorder and jet lag. Indepentdent clinical research shows that the blue light from the summer sky is what triggers our bodies to be active and energetic, and regulates and brightens our mood.

Extremely easy to use
With a revolutionairy timer and backlit touchscreen the Philips GoLITE Blu is the smallest, most advanced yet easy to use SAD light therapy device on the market. Period. Just set the timer according to your needs by using the touch display and choose the right level of brightness out of the four levels by using the dimmer.

Much easier on the eyes and much more freedom of movement than any other light
The advanced diffusion optics provide a soft, even light that is much easier on the eyes than conventional bright fluorescent lighting. The wide field of light gives the freedom during treatment to engage in activities such as computer work, reading or watching TV. In other words you dont need to sit in front of the light and just stare at it for an hour.

Fight winter blues

Using the goLITE energy light for as little as 15 to 45 minutes a day naturally improves your mood and energy level throughout the day and helps combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Read more..

Safer than the real thing: no ultra violet or near UV light
The goLITE BLU device produces no Ultra Violet (UV) or near-UV light which can be dangerous for our eyes and skin. The light output has been fully matched to maximize light therapy treatment without the effects of long exposure to sun light.

The Philips GoLITE Blu comes with a two Year Warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee which is pretty amazing considering the fact that it is portable AND rechargeable.

Philips goLITE Blu
Philips goLITE Blu
Apollo Light Blu
Philips HF3330
Philips goLITE Blu

Combat jetlag with the Philips Golite BLU

Rapidly traveling across several time zones creates disharmony between your internal body clock and the new external time. This not only causes sleeping problems, but influences your mood and energy level as well. If you stay for more than a few days, you may want to shift your body clock to the new time zone. This will help you sleep significantly better and be more alert and energetic when you need to. Because special blue light is effective for shifting circadian rhythms, your goLITE BLU energy light can quickly adjust your rhythm to the new time zone. One of the best strategies to combat jet lag is to shift your body clock a day or two before you leave.

Traveling east
When you travel east , start using the goLITE BLU energy light in the morning two to three days before you leave. The number of time zones you travel corresponds to the hours your body clock has to shift. If you are only traveling a few time zones, one day’s preparation is sufficient. Add a day of light therapy for each additional 2 time zones. For example, for a trip from the US to Europe, use the following schedule: On the first day, wake up an hour early and use the goLITE BLU energy light for 30–45 minutes. On the next day or days, you should wake up a couple of hours earlier and repeat this process. You should advance your bedtime accordingly. Once you arrive at your destination, avoid light before 10 a.m. local time (wear sunglasses) and use the goLITE BLU energy light in the midmorning to fully adjust to the local time. When returning, use your goLITE BLU energy light in the late evening for a couple of nights before the return flight. On the last night of the trip, try to stay up and use your goLITE BLU energy light as late as reasonably possible past midnight. On the day of the flight, avoid any bright light until after 2:00 p.m.

Traveling west
Since most people’s body clocks adjust more easily to later time zones, you should not have to use the goLITE BLU energy light when you travel 3 time zones or less. You should only need to use your goLITE BLU energy light for one day before travelling 4 time zones, and add an additional preparation day for each 3 time zones. You should not have to use the goLITE BLU energy light for more than 3 days, even on the longer westbound trips. For example, when travelling from London to Los Angeles, use your goLITE BLU energy light for 30–40 minutes in the late evening (and again a couple of hours later, if you can) each night, starting 2-3 days before you leave. Use the goLITE BLU energy light 2-3 hours later each successive night. When you arrive at your destination, try to stay awake until bedtime and avoid bright evening light (wear sunglasses) for the first few days. Before you travel home, avoid any bright afternoon and evening light and use your goLITE BLU energy light in the morning for a few days

Bluewave: Advanced blue LED technology

Philips HF3330 Golite BLU provides the specific spectrum of light our bodies respond to. Advanced diffusion optics and less intense than 10,000-lux white light provide a soft, even light while the wider treatment field for flexibility. Philips HF3330 Golite BLU is fully programmable and allows you to saves your personal settings. Backlit touch screen provides easy programming. Built-in clock and treatment alarm reminds you when to use it.

Blue light is the key in light therapy

Research has shown that the spectrum of blue light used in the goLITE BLU energy light is important in providing the beneficial effects of light therapy. This is because special light receptors in our eyes respond most efficiently to the blue part of the light spectrum. Also, using blue light dramatically reduces the overall intensity of light as compared to bright white therapy devices. This reduced intensity helps to minimize the potential effects of headaches, glare and eyestrain.


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